KNX completes Melbourne Super House



The versatility of a KNX system has been used to great effect in the award-winning Melbourne Super House project from Sagar Smart Homes.

KNX UK member Sagar Smart Homes has taken out three awards for the project, winning ‘Best International Project’ at the KNX Awards, ‘Residential Installation of the Year’ at the KNX UK as well as ‘Best Integrated Home Over £250,000’ at the 2016 CEDIA EMEA awards.

“This project was exceptional in so many ways,” comments Sagar Smart Homes director Richard Sagar.

“The brief was to provide a fully integrated automation system that catered to the luxury lifestyle the homeowners required, whilst also managing the available energy resources in this challenging off-grid location. We achieved this feat with maximum benefit thanks in no small part to the reliability, adaptability and functionality of technology built on the KNX protocol.”

The four-floor property features expansive living areas, a dedicated master suite on the second floor and a subterranean level complete with a wellness centre and entertainment facilities including a golf simulator.

The homeowner was passionate about total off-grid living and to accommodate this, a sustaining a self-supported power supply was installed.

Energy harvested from a PV array on the roof of the property is converted to heat in multiple ways. Heat exchangers are used to charge a hot water ring that distributes water taken from a rainwater tank to under floor heating throughout the property. The same device heats the 150,000L swimming pool and spa. A further series of heat exchangers provide energy to a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with units providing cooling and heating when required.

The PV system is fully controlled and integrated with sensors monitoring the solar generation, battery storage levels, health and usage. This enables the system to make intelligent decisions on how energy can be used in the building, isolating areas as required. Integrated lighting, heating and cooling means areas can be easily modulated between occupied and unoccupied states, with relays used to isolate non-essential small power circuits.

The integration of the temperature sensor and thermostat into a single switch improves the aesthetics of a room and enables the homeowner to enjoy a comfortable environment, with no conflicts between heating and cooling systems.

“With the property being on literally the other side of the world from our London base, it presented some major logistical challenges, not only for project management but also project delivery. Meticulous planning and management was essential. KNX was the only choice to provide the backbone for the property, providing a holistic platform integrating all elements at local and global level,” says Richard.


Kit List


KNX Analogue Input Module, 4 Fold

Arcus     SS-WAQ               KNX Water Quality Sensor

Arcus     SS-EFT KNX Soil Moisture Sensor

BEG RC Plus KNX External PIR

Basalte Auro KNX Internal PIR

Basalte Sentido                KNX Switch

GIRA 1006 KNX Switching Actuator, 8 Fold

GIRA 1021 KNX Analogue Sensor, 4 Fold

GIRA 1022 KNX Analogue Actuator, 4Fold

GIRA 1023 KNX Line Coupler

GIRA 1038 KNX Switching Actuator, 8 Fold

GIRA 1046 KNX Switching Actuator, 8 Fold

GIRA 181 KNX Single Position Switch

GIRA 184 KNX Two Position Switch

GIRA 2174 KNX Shutter Actuator

GIRA 2164 KNX Window Actuator

GIRA 2168 KNX IP Interface

GIRA 2173 KNX 3 Phase Electricity Meter

GIRA 2174 KNX Dimming Actuator

GIRA 2180 KNX DALI Gateway

Theben                Meteodata140  KNX Weather Station

Theben                HMT6/HMT12    KNX Heating Controller

Theben                TA2 KNX Input Module, 2 Fold

Theben TA4 KNX Input Module, 4 Fold

Zennio  Lumento C3 KNX RGB Controller

Zennio  Quad KNX Input Module, 4 Fold

Zennio  KES KNX Energy Meter

Zennio  SKX KNX RS Interface




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