KNX at European Utlity Week 2014

Interested in the new trends on innovation and development on the smart utility sector, KNX Association decided to participate with a KNX stand and presentations in one of the biggest and best smart utility events, the European Utility Week 2014.

European Utility Week is well-known for its conference programme, featuring over 300 speakers and covering all the major value streams. With this year’s new interactive format, more utility representatives and more case-study presentations were presented than ever before. In particular, KNX Association presented KNX city: Sustainable cities and buildings. The four pillars of the famous KNX city-concept: Building, Mobility, Infrastructure and Energy Generation were demonstrated to more than 60 experts in the smart utility sector.

In addition to the contribution to the conference, KNX Association was present with a stand together with KNX Members Sinapsi (Italy) and Lingg&Janke (Germany), where applications related to smart metering and energy generation control were put into practice