KNX at annual ZVEI Lighting Consortia Day

At the end of October, the lighting trade at the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) again invited representatives from many consortia dealing with smart lighting to an annual meeting, to report on progress made in the different associations.

KNX shared the stage with amongst others Bluetooth, DALI, Fairhair, BACnet and OpenAIS.

KNX stressed that there is more to it than making a lamp controllable by an App on a smart phone, to refer to the lamp as smart: a smart lighting solution needs to be scalable, preferably not supporting numerous different communication media, it needs to allow creating groups (without latency problems), ensure interoperability and security. Although KNX already ticks all of the boxes for this, KNX has understood that its solution needs to integrate better still in IT systems. For that, KNX has embarked on the KNX IoT project, the first results of which will be presented at the Light and Building Fair in March 2018 in the form of a KNX IoT gateway offering rich semantic data of the connected KNX installation.