Kaleidescape “back in business”

It was the buzz of Integrate: just two days before the show opened, the popular high-end media server manufacturer Kaleidescape had closed its doors and ceased operations.

But things are certainly looking quite different now.

In a warts-and-all interview with CE Pro editor Julie Jacobson, Kaleidescape chief executive Cheena Srinivasan explained that it was “sky-rocketing costs” that brought about the demise of the company.

“We had the solution, but we had to spend money. We exhausted our financial resources,” he said.

But now, Connected has received confirmation from the company’s director of international sales that the company is indeed “back in business”.

At this stage, no further details are available as to how this turnabout occurred, but we will let you know more as new information surfaces.

If nothing else, the reaction to the short-lived closure should give the folks at Kaleidescape some comfort in that the CI market is squarely behind them.

Kaleidescape is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Mareor.

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