Kaleidescape adds 4K Ultra HD experience to Premiere Systems

Kaleidescape adds 4K Ultra HD experience to Premiere SystemsKaleidescape, which is distributed by Mareor, has announced the availability of Kaleidescape Co-Star, a combination of hardware and software that unlocks 4K for Kaleidescape Premiere owners.

Customers can now pair a Strato 4K movie player with any M-Class movie player and enjoy hundreds of great movies in 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR from the Kaleidescape Movie Store thanks to Co-Star.

It comprises of a dedicated HDMI switch that connects the M-Class player and the Strato player to a TV or projector, as well two new kOS releases, the kOS 8 for the Premiere system and the kOS 10 for the Strato system. The Strato user interface presents a unified view of all the movies on both systems and automatically invokes playback by the appropriate movie player.

“The Kaleidescape brand is synonymous with the most refined home cinema experience. Our flagship product, the Strato Movie Player, delivers a pristine user experience. Our online movie store provides Internet delivery of the finest Hollywood movies with impeccable audio and video quality. Combining these advantages with the large movie collections our customers have built on their Premiere systems provides the best of both worlds,” says Kaleidescape founder and chief executive Cheena Srinivasan.

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