Just Add Power releases new Luxul driver

Just Add Power has released a new driver supporting Luxul’s SW-510-48P-F, SW-610-24P-R, and SW-610-48P-F managed L2/L3 Gigabit switches.

Providing seamless integration with the company’s JADConfig software, the driver allows integrators to easily incorporate the units into Just Add Power AV-over-IP distribution systems requiring a single switch.

Luxul’s SW-510-48P-F, SW-610-24P-R, and SW-610-48P-F switches feature 48, 24, and 48 PoE+ ports, respectively, and offer high performance with fast switching capacities of 104Gbps, 128Gbps, and 176Gbps. The SW-510-48P-F and SW-610-48P-F feature front-facing ports and a total power budget of 740W, while the SW-610-24P-R offers rear-facing ports and a power budget of 370W.

J+P sales team manager Taft Stricklin says they have a long history of supporting Luxul switches which are powering countless J+P systems in commercial and residential installations.

“We’re excited to add their latest offerings to the list, which are perfect for single-switch systems with fewer than 50 AV-over-IP devices on the network.”

Luxul product manager Gerald Willis says end users have high expectations for the performance of their AV-over-IP systems.

“With their powerful management tools and blazing-fast switching and uplink speeds, our latest Gigabit switches make it easy to meet those expectations. We’re excited that integrators can start incorporating them into their Just Add Power systems, and as always, we can’t wait to see the results.”

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