Just Add Power releases 2GΩ/3G ST1 sound transceiver

Just Add Power has released its new 2GΩ/3G ST1 sound transceiver, an audio-only component that functions as either an input or output. It lets integrators easily add a stereo audio source to any Just Add Power system or to extract audio from an existing transmitter.

Functioning as an input or output, audio-only component, it simplifies installations and allows integrators to create unique AV experiences.

“Over the past few years, we’ve focused on enhancing our Ultra HD over IP platform with audio functionality — from the industry’s first solution to support the Dante eight-channel chipset, to a transmitter that allows installers to cost-effectively add a stereo analog audio output,” Just Add Power sales team manager Taft Stricklin says.

“Now we’re cranking the audio dial up to 11 with our ST1, which not only simplifies installations but provides installers with a powerful tool for creating unique experiences for their clients.”

With the ST1, integrators can easily build a stereo audio distributions matrix with unlimited inputs and outputs which runs over network wiring.

Its unique ability to be used as an input or output allows for unique functionality, such as sending analogue audio from a display to the main rack without having to run an extra network cable.

By combining the transceiver with Just Add Power transmitters and receivers in the same installation, installers now have the ability to mix audio and video in new and unique ways. For example, they can provide their clients with the ability to watch sporting events while listening to radio commentary, give a presentation by mixing PC video with microphone audio or even add an audio return channel.

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