Just Add Power re-imagines video distribution at InfoComm 2017

Just Add Power (J+P), which is distributed by Avation, will be showcasing its new 3G Ultra HD over IP transmitter (707POE) and receiver (508POE), 2GΩ/3G+ PoE options, 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter, and the Plug-Play-Present application at InfoComm 2017.

InfoComm 2017 will be held on June 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida and J+P will be at booth 4081.

“J+P’s portfolio is engineered so that legacy solutions work with any of our technology bought in the future. At the show, attendees will see our latest range of solutions that build upon that legacy, adding new capabilities to address the complexities of today’s commercial applications,” said Just Add Power sales team manager Taft Stricklin.

On display will be J+P’s latest 3G Ultra HD over IP models, which have been designed for any size of 4K HDMI distribution and HDMI matrixing application. These new models allow integrators to better manage their hardware budget on projects with 4K HDMI distribution requirements, including 4K with HDR distribution.

The 3G Ultra HD over IP transmitter (707POE), and 3G Ultra HD over IP receiver (508POE) distribute up to 4K Ultra HD visually lossless video with no latency over a single Cat-5e cable. They offer 4K with seamless HDR and HDR10 support, seamless HDCP 2.2, 4K to 1080p scaling for legacy displays, two-way RS-232 and IP control, as well as support for video walls and all audio formats up to and including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

J+P will also be showcasing its new 2GΩ/3G+ PoE models, the VBS-HDMI-515POE receiver and VBS-HDMI-715POE transmitter, which combine the enhanced audio and feature-set of the 3G system with the maximum 1080p resolution of 2G devices.

Both models feature support for maximum 1080p video with HDCP 1.4, all lossless audio formats including Dolby Atmos, control endpoints with RS-232 and IR (using VBS-HDMI-IRD), stereo audio output with 170ms audio delay, CEC control and image play capabilities.

The receiver also features integrated scaling, enhanced video wall with rotation option and USB 2.0 over IP. The transmitter offers HDMI pass-through (transmitter) and USB 2.0 functionality.

InfoComm 2017 attendees will see the 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter that can be applied to any size residential or commercial installations requiring multiview functionality. The transmitter provides video support for resolutions up to full 4K and HDR compatibility and enables users to simultaneously watch four video sources in multiple formats, including single-screen, video wall or tiled video.

It gives integrators the power to create up to four customisable windows with easy presets, while multiple tiling transmitters can be stacked together to add more sources and allow an infinite number of windows within windows.

Finally, J+P will demonstrate its Plug-Play-Present, which adds logic control to all J+P transmitters. Users simply connect any source to any HDMI or VGA transmitter and the transmitter does all the work, allowing integrators to create a scene based on the video being presented.

The transmitter can send CEC, IR, IP, or RS-232 commands to a single screen, multiple screens or the network switch with simple conditional statements to make control possible without the additional expense of an outboard control system. It can also power devices on and off, as well as communicate with network devices.

“We like to think of our solutions like building blocks. No matter what you invest in today, we’ve designed an infrastructure that can be sustained and manufactured reliably for many years, providing integrators with a scalable, dependable approach to their commercial video distribution needs,” said Taft.

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