JTS offers affordable and reliable microphone solution

JTS offers affordable and reliable microphone solutionJTS, which is distributed by Amber Technology, has announced the new R4 wireless microphone system that brings latest wireless microphone technology to a compact 1RU 19” chassis.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the new JTS R4 wireless microphone system houses a high-performance four-channel receiver and features a large LCD display for programming and displaying system status. It also has eight LED bar-graph displays showing RF signal strength and audio level for each of the four channels.

The use of cascaded antenna and mains power inputs simplifies installation of multi-channel (multi-receiver) systems and cascade jumper cables for antennas and power are supplied with each receiver.

Five transmitters are available in the R4 family and can be used in any combination. All the transmitters can be wirelessly synchronised with the receiver using the single-button JTS REMOSET and up to 22 transmitters can operate simultaneously within a 36MHz band without intermodulation interference.

The R4 family also incorporates the latest JTS wireless technology and has a tuning bandwidth of 36MHz.

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