James Loudspeaker unveils compact architectural speaker

James Loudspeaker unveils compact architectural speakerJames Loudspeaker, which is distributed by Convergent Technologies, has announced the addition of a new product to its line-up of Small Aperture architectural speakers, the 42SA-4 in-ceiling/in-wall two-way loudspeaker.

The 42SA-4 is the most compact Small Aperture model, fitting easily into shallow wall or ceiling environments and enabling integrators to deliver nearly invisible best-in-class audio in state-of-the-art spaces. It uses proprietary drivers, including an aluminium 4” woofer and a 2” midrange/high-frequency module that combine to deliver outstanding room-filling full-range musical playback through a diminutive 3” opening.

“James Loudspeaker engineering has been on a mission to give integrators, architects and designers a compact, more affordable solution without sacrificing performance or custom flexibility,” says James Loudspeaker chief executive Mark Schafle.

As with all Small Aperture models, the 42SA-4 has speaker protection circuitry built-in and features aircraft-grade aluminium construction.

“The 42SA-4 showcases our capacity to creatively develop and engineer drivers and complete systems optimising performance for unique applications. Our objective has always been to deliver the finest entertainment systems imaginable that fit just about any wall or ceiling and can be matched to any décor,” says Mark.

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