James Loudspeaker announces Q-Series

JamesJames Loudspeaker has announced the introduction of the Q-Series floor-standing loudspeakers offering the highest detail and dynamic realism.

James is distributed in Australia by Convergent Technologies.

What makes the Q-Series speakers stand out is the ability to be custom sized and finished to meet the exact needs of any environment they’re in. All three models employ a rigid, reinforced MDO enclosure, a grille made from coated aluminium bar stock and the signature James Loudspeaker 1” Beryllium quad tweeter array.

Amplifier power is aplenty in each model and delivers undistorted, crystal clear audio even when the audio output is at its maximum. The Q-Series is ideal for a 2-channel music system and/or a multi-channel theatre when a floor-standing form factor is the preferred solution.

Q60 – The Q60 is engineered with two amplifiers, one for the full-range portion of the speaker and another for the internal 12” down-firing aluminium cone subwoofer. Above the subwoofer is a 3” voice coil capable of handling 1000+ watts of power and also features a 3-way system that is comprised of two 8” woofers and two 6.5” midranges along with a quad tweeter array.

Q48 – This model uses the same bi-amped system and 12” subwoofer as the Q60 and uses a pair of 8” woofers with two 5.25” midrange drivers. This is the midsized model but still gives high output levels despite its size. It features aluminium cones with rubber surrounds which make it robust and sturdy.

Q30 – The Q30 has the same features as the Q48 and Q60 but delivers a crisp sound on a small floor-standing form factor.

The entire ranged can be matched to any living space and are now available through authorised professional integrators.

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