Jabra launches intelligent camera line up for insight driven collaboration

Jabra has released the new Jabra PanaCast camera line-up that’s aiming to reinvent meeting room video, audio and intelligence for the ‘new normal’ workspace.

The Jabra PanaCast 50 is engineered to be the world’s first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar while the Jabra PanaCast 20 is an intelligent personal camera.

With hybrid working environments the new normal, teams are collaborating more from different locations: cafes, homes or satellite offices.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Jabra says it has seen a significant increase in video usage as we work more in distributed teams – with 66% of office workers using either a stand-alone webcam or built-in PC camera pre-COVID, and now 86% of home workers doing the same.

PanaCast 50 addresses this by offering a plug-and-play solution to deliver the most immersive and engaging video experience available on the market today.

As the ‘director’ of a hybrid workspace, it intelligently adjusts the video stream to follow the action in a meeting. The Virtual Director feature uses both AI-based video and audio streams, as well as Jabra’s proprietary AI algorithms, to automatically adjust the frame according to what’s happening in the meeting.

It also boasts three 13-megapixel cameras mounted in a high-precision multi-camera array create an immersive 180° field of view in Panoramic-4K that covers the whole room.

In addition to dual video streams, the PanaCast 50 also delivers an independent always-180° data stream which provides anonymous people count meta-data as real-time numerical information. Because of its 180° field-of-view, PanaCast 50 can achieve 100% coverage of the meeting room and provides the best opportunity to count everybody in the room. This information is anonymous as the device simply counts people; it doesn’t recognize them.

It also comes with eight beamforming microphones with precision voice detection which are supported by algorithms that remove disruptive noise.

The PanaCast 50 is also optimised for all leading UC platforms as well as working with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, it is also a device for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, making collaboration easier.

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