Jabra and Zoom team up for telepresence

The Jabra Panacast has been selected by Zoom Video Communications as its video solution for its new telepresence feature, Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching.

Announced recently at Zoomtopia, Zoom’s user conference, the new feature takes the existing Zoom Room capabilities and enhances them to create a conferencing experience that is even closer to in-person meetings. It provides an immersive collaboration experience, improving participant engagement even when colleagues are thousands of miles away.

The PanaCast was selected as it is the only enterprise-grade camera with the advanced functionality required for the Zoom Rooms experience, delivering three individual video streams in one product. The different camera angles will work in tandem with the Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching along with three microphones to detect which side is speaking.

Because of its compact form, the PanaCast can be placed at eye level which facilitates eye-to-eye contact and further emphasises the suggestion that the participants could be in the same room.

Zoom Video Communications’ head of global services Nick Yu says: “With Jabra’s leading camera technology, we have developed a unique offering that delights users and IT departments by delivering a plug-and-play solution that takes the unnecessary complexity, cost and maintenance out of creating an immersive conferencing system.”

Jabra senior vice president Aurang Khan adds: “At Jabra, we have long been focused on building advanced sound and video solutions to make the huddle room the optimal collaboration space.”

He says the evolving nature of work means that having space to communicate and collaborate with colleagues around the globe is paramount.

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