ISH 2015 – Day 4

10 KNX Members, KNX Professionals as well as KNX test labs and training centers are co-exhibiting at the KNX booth during this ISH Fair, presenting their expertise in and solutions for KNX. These include EMT Controls, function Technology, ise, Siemens, Sinapsi, tci, Warema Renkhoff SE, DIAL, TÜV International and KNX Professionals Germany. Over 60 KNX members are also present with an own booth at this year’s ISH fair.

This Turkish KNX member is presenting its newest devices HCM115-2 and HCM115-4, both DALI – KNX gateways. These devices target especially big applications such as shopping centers, hotels and airports.

The KNX MultiController DALI is a room controller with multiple functions in a single device for energy efficient building control in office/commercial buildings and hotels. The KNX MultiLight is a three-part room controller designed for suspended lighting fixtures that can be used in team offices, open-plan offices and cell offices.

The “ise smart connect KNX Secure” is an easy-to-use and secure solution. ise smart connect KNX SONOS integrates up to five SONOS master devices/groups with dynamic zone management into the world of KNX.

The IP Control Center offers a customizable user interface and therefore enables an intuitive, fully graphical visualization of a KNX system via internet.

The EQUOBOX ETA SERVER is a solution for metering energy and other resources in a building. Sinapsi also demonstrates next-generation WEB supervision for intelligent buildings based on the KNX standard.

With the 7 and 10 inch touch panels pureKNX, tci offers a cost-effective solution to equip KNX installations with a graphical user interface.

WAREMA Opticontrol bundles automation parts for rooms or zones across trades. As its basis, the modular free programmable BAline control interacts with bus capable components as well as connected standard sensors and actuators.

Dial is involved from the very beginning in EIB and KNX, and since 1994, has had an accredited KNX testing laboratory in which several thousand components have already been successfully tested. Next to this, Dial offers KNX Project and Commissioning seminars in which one can learn everything relevant to KNX technology.

offers extensive KNX certification and training services. Its laboratories are accredited by the KNX Association and provide customers with independent testing of KNX devices around the world.

KNX Professional Germany groups German KNX system integrators. Not only at the ISH fair but also in general, KNX Professionals provide neutral assistance and support to clients such as architects, electricians, plumbers, designers and end customers wanting to build their home with a professional smart home control system as KNX.

If you would like to know more details about the different KNX solutions presented by these KNX Manufacturers at the KNX Booth at ISH 2015, please read the Press Release downloadable via [ ](