iPad compatability on new iRoom docks

iRoom will cater for all iPad models with its new fixDock, surDock and iTop 10.2” and 10.5” iPad compatibility on its docking stations.

iRoom provides docking solutions for residential and commercial environments, offering storage, charging and securing of the iPad as well as built-in room control functionality independent of the iPad. The stations feature aluminium frame/base and glass faceplates.

The fixDock and surDock are on-wall docks; the iDock is an in-wall motorised dock and the iTop is a tabletop dock with control keypad.

Each dock offers features such as hands-free unlocking of the iPad screen with a proximity sensor, smart battery management, easy flush-mount or surface-mount installation, anti-theft protection with its code-protected removal system, built-in control processor and touch keypad for smart home/business control including drivers for third-party systems.

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