Introducing the Kramer VS-34FD

Kramer Electronics Australia has released the VS−34FD, a high performance, 34−port, 8K−ready, multi−format, modular matrix switcher for AV signals, including HDMI, HDBaseT, VGA, SDI as well as analogue and digital audio.

It boasts 17 slots for installing a full range of input/output modules and can be populated as 2×32, 32×2 or any other configuration in between in increments of two inputs or two outputs, making it modular and easily-configurable. The chassis also comes with a control module and an additional redundant power supply for optional installation.

The VS-34FD also comes with Kramer Equalisation and re-Klocking Technology which rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.

With Kramer Core technology inside, the device comes with flexible infrastructure conversion, enabling copper or twisted pair to be used at the same time according to input/output module selection. The matrix receives signals from compatible Kramer transmitters, automatically converts them between available infrastructure options and sends the signals to Kramer receivers.

It also enables a single Ethernet cable connected to allow network distribution to all HDBaseT far end extender devices.

The full list of features and much more can be found on the Kramer website.

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