Introducing ‘Telstra Smart Home’

telstra smart home

Australia’s largest telecommunications company has made a big play for the smart home market with the launch of ‘Telstra Smart Home’.

The system can be integrated with sensors, cameras, lights, a thermostat, smart power plugs and a smart door lock which all talk to each other through the Smart Home platform.

All such devices are being sold by Telstra as well.

Available now from Telstra stores, the solution comes at $25 a month for a minimum 24 months. As well as the central control unit, the purchaser gets a choice of one of two Smart Home starter kits.

-The ‘Watch and monitor’ kit comes with two door or window motion sensors and an indoor HD WiFi camera that can be set up to record video and take photos which can be viewed live from the Telstra Smart Home app.

-The ‘Automation and Energy’ kit comes with two smart power plugs and two door or window motion sensors. If used effectively, the kit can reduce electricity bills by automating lamps and other appliances.

“Whether it’s helping you keep up to speed with your busy life or keeping an eye on your loved ones and pets when you’re out and about, the way you set up your Telstra Smart Home is totally in your control,” says Telstra Home and Premium Services executive director John Chambers.

“All you need is home broadband, a reliable in-home WiFi set up and an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to get started.”

The communication giant said we can expect to be able to connect more devices to a Telstra Smart Home device by early next year.

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