Introducing BenQ’s RP02 ClassroomCare interactive flat panel

BenQ has released the RP02 interactive flat panel with advanced ClassroomCare Technologies that cover anything from eye care and germ resistance to CO², temperature and humidity monitoring to create a safe and healthy space for students and teachers.

It also comes with BenQ’s in-class interactive whiteboard solution, EZWrite, and web-based whiteboarding app, EZWrite Live for remote and rural learning.

The new flat panel lets users create a smart, collaborative and healthy environment to develop skills in problem solving as well as creative and logical thinking.

The germ-resistant screen eliminates 99% of germs with its ionic silver coating which is crucial given that common surfaces are the dirtiest.

Its smart eye-care solution not only makes it easier to look at the screen, but has a number of health benefits. While continuous exposure to blue-light emitting and flickering screens can cause digital eye strain and myopia, the BenQ display are anti-glare and can filter out blue-light and eliminate screen flicker.

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