International KNX Training Centre Conference 2019 in Stresa (Italy)

This year’s Training Centre Conference was attended by more than 90 representatives from various KNX training centres/member companies.
One day prior the conference, all training centres were invited to an unforgettable evening dinner.

On the conference day, Ms. Silvia Siliprandi explained the working practices and methods of the KNX National Group Italy and revealed the listeners how to be a successful National Group.
Mr. Unal informed the audience the MyKNX training centre tool / training documentation updates that took place in the last year. He also gave in an insight on the planned updates for 2020.
Mr. Joost Demarest, CTO of KNX Association enlightened the audience the challenges with regard to KNX Secure Training.

Mr. Lourdas, Tools Leader of KNX Association gave the audience an outlook on ETS Professional and ETS Inside.

In the afternoon, no less than 10 KNX Italian member companies showed their product novelties.

The presentations shown at this conference and the pictures taken at the dinner + conference are now available on our cloud server: [](