iMAGsystems launches iPress control for Lighting AV-over-IP products

iMAGsystems joins the SDVoE AllianceiMAGsystems has launched a new single button control tool for use with its Lightning AV-over-IP product range.

The iPress Lightning control tool is designed for spaces where traditional control systems are unnecessary. The button is wireless and customisable, which offers a single-option means of initiating Lightning’s key purpose in a particular room. Possible uses can include a room bootup or a particular multiview configuration.

iMAGsystems has also announced a new analytics engine backend feature, as well as a new voice command AV systems control. The analytics system has been designed to provide organisations with administration data and system usage.

System administrators can use this engine to view various parameters like system use on time or even resolutions most used within their organisation. Operating temperature data can also be produced together with network down time, which in turn can be used to identify potential system issues.

iMAGsystem’s newly implemented voice command AV systems control can be used to initiate a huddle space’s collaboration setup, call up a multiview screen configuration, amongst other customisable uses. The feature uses Google Voice Control which can trigger any Lightning API command via a user’s voice.

iMAGsystems will be exhibiting its Lightning product at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam this year.

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