Ihiji ServiceManager now has a service ticketing feature

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Remote technology management  solutions company, Ihiji has launched a service ticketing feature as part of its Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, Ihiji ServiceManager. Introduced at CEDIA 2015, Ihiji ServiceManager helps home technology professionals, security monitoring firms and systems integrators provide world-class services enabling them to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR) through effectively managed, proactive annual service plans.

Efficiently creating and tracking trouble tickets, often referred to as technical support or service tickets, is a critical component of a successful services organisation. Subsequently, of the new functions provided by Ihiji ServiceManager, ticketing has been highly anticipated since the feature was first announced.

A robust SaaS tool that facilitates efficient and effective management of recurring service plans and service operations efforts, Ihiji ServiceManager boasts features such as customer warranty tracking, recurring service plan tracking, RMR invoicing and billing, customer contact management, technical support ticketing and tracking.

A centralised project documentation feature is coming soon.

Ihiji director of marketing Steve Muccini said: “We use the term Service Operations Centre or SOC to define the collective mechanisms required to make your service offering as efficient, effective and profitable as possible. Combined with our Ihiji Invision remote network monitoring and management software, Ihiji ServiceManager delivers a comprehensive SOC software platform that will streamline operations and provide for an improved customer support experience.”

Based on extensive market research and feedback the Ihiji team has received from dealers who use the Ihiji Invision platform for remote network management and monitoring, this standardised process is nothing like what most integrators have in place today. In fact, Ihiji has discovered most systems integration firms do not have an efficient way to capture and track service tickets.

Instead, the usual “system” includes sticky notes on computer monitors, messages jotted on scrap paper and face-to-face conversations between members of the integration team. Notes get lost. Communications go awry. Troubleshooting steps get repeated. Customers are left hanging or take their business elsewhere when their integrator fails to deliver a seamless, exceptional experience to the technology user. The trickle-down effect can be costly and even disastrous if neglected.

“The typical process for supporting client issues gives integrators multiple opportunities to be a rock star and quickly solve the issue once and for all – or not,” says Ihiji vice president of product Michael Maniscalco.

“If you have a repeatable and measurable process to track clients’ technology issues and their state-of-mind about the situation – whether they’ve called before about the same problem or not, whether you’ve resolved issues in the past – you’ll become more efficient and be able to deliver a higher level of customer service.

“Ticketing takes the ‘fires’ created by client issues and creates visibility and accountability to work toward a resolution faster.”

Representing an entirely new user experience design that will help simplify the remote network management process even further, Ihiji ServiceManager delivers more insightful and actionable data.


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