How to contact the ayControl Support in case of Problems?

We are continuously improving ayControl and EcoButler to not only offer the best possible user experience but also to offer our customers new functionalities on a regular basis. Before releasing new features we thoroughly test ayControl and EcoButler, but even after extensive testing it can happen that a bug goes unnoticed.

For this reason we show you in this article how you can contact support in case of problems with ayControl and send the required log files to help us find the problem. This allows us to determine whether we may have overlooked a bug or whether there may be a configuration error on your side. In both cases we can help you to solve the problem as quickly as possible after you send us the correct log files.

Is my software up to date?

Please make sure that you have the latest version of ayControl and EcoButler installed. We publish updates for ayControl and EcoButler in regular intervals to enable new features and to fix occurring problems. If you find a problem in our apps, please make sure that you are using the latest version before contacting support, maybe this bug is already known and is fixed in the current version.

Especially if you use EcoButler in combination with ayControl it is recommended to activate the automatic app updates (in Android in the Play Store under Settings –> “Automatic App Updates”).
This keeps ayControl and EcoButler always up to date.

Note: If your device is connected via LAN and you only activate the auto-updates via Wi-Fi, no automatic updates will be performed. In this case you have to select the option that app updates should always be installed.

Problem Identification

If you have installed the latest version of ayControl or EcoButler and the problem still persists, the first thing to do is to identify the problem in detail. Which problems occur exactly and which devices are involved?

Please describe the problem in detail and provide us with the following information:

  1. Which version of ayControl do you use? Is the EcoButler also involved? If so, please let us know about both software versions.
  2. Do you use Android or iOS?
  3. On which smartphones/tablets does the problem occur (manufacturer, model series, etc.). Does the problem occur on all your devices or just on a few?
  4. If a picture or video could describe the problem in a better way, please send it to us. Please note that emails must be smaller than 7MB or otherwise please use Google Drive or similar.


When does the problem you described occur? Always, after you have set certain actions? Please describe in detail when the problem occurs and how it can be reproduced best. If we can recreate the problem on our side, a very big step towards solving the problem has already been taken.

Sending logfiles

Please try to reproduce the problem again and if it occurs, please send us a logfile of the affected devices and apps. If the problem occurs only sporadically and you cannot reproduce it, please tell us at least the time when the problem occurred so that we can narrow down the relevant parts of the log file.

  1. If a problem occurs with ayControl you can send us the logfile in the ayControl app under Settings –> “Logging” –> “Send logs”. Using this logfile we can then analyze the problem in more detail and help you solve the problem.
  2. If the EcoButler is involved in the problem, please send us a logfile after the problem has occurred again. Please open the EcoButler-App and go to Options (3 points) –> “Logging” –> “Send”. Note: Please open the EcoButler-App directly and not the ayControl-App, because you can only send EcoButler-specific log files from the EcoButler-App.
  3. If there is a problem with the ayControl Editor, please send us the logfile of the editor. It can usually be found in Windows at ” C:User\ayControlEditor.metadata.log “, where you have to replace with your Windows user name.
  4. Besides the logfiles it is also very helpful if you send us your ayControl profile (*.a3z file, which you created with the ayControl editor) and a rule backup of the EcoButler, if the EcoButler is involved in the problem. You can create a EcoButler rule backup in the EcoButler app under Options (3 points) –> “Backup rules”.


Depending on the type of problem and the devices involved, the following information or files are of interest to solve the problem:

  1. Exact description of the error and how to reproduce it.
  2. Logfiles from the affected ayControl devices.
  3. Logfiles and rule backup of the affected EcoButler device.
  4. Current ayControl profile (*.a3z file created with the ayControl-Editor).
  5. If there is a problem with the ayControl-Editor, please use the ayControl-Editor-logfile in addition to the ayControl profile.

If you send us the above mentioned information/files at the beginning of a support request, we should have enough information to analyze your problem as quickly as possible and help you solve this problem or, if there is a software error, to correct it and publish a software update afterwards.

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