Home controllers from Busch-Jaeger based on Java/OSGi technology

Busch-Jaeger: ComfortTouch for Smart Homes

Busch-Jaeger’s smart home controller places the home environment, lights, heating, windows and blinds as well as temperature and motion sensors at the touch of your fingertips. It is smart and can automate critical tasks, like closing the blinds when a thunderstorm arrives or emailing a picture of the neighbor’s cat straying into the garden.

Interface of the home controller by Busch-Jaeger
Source: Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH

User-friendly, robust technology

Practical home automation demands a system that is robust and resilient, yet easy to use and flexible enough to modify and adapt to new functions. Though much of the base technology is shared with smart phones and tablets it is impractical to replace a home automation system every few years.

The KNX bus is the foundation that connects all components. KNX has been designed for usage in private homes and commercial buildings alike. It is a twisted pair-based protocol that takes into account a long component life cycle, and is targeted at new buildings and refurbishments. In contrast, wireless communication is a tantalizing concept for updating existing homes but it suffers from technology aging, often accelerated by security concerns.

With KNX enabled devices in place, user convenience is the decisive factor. Busch-Jaeger has chosen a wall-mounted touch screen as its controller. The ComfortTouch comes with a Wi-Fi connection that allows Internet access, and enables smart phones and tablets to act as remote controllers.

Technology behind the Busch-Jaeger home controller

A reliable home automation system needs to be self-contained with complex software running on the controller. Busch-Jaeger chose Java as its implementation platform based on software supplied by Azul Systems and Bosch Software Innovations. The Java programming language provides the robustness and reliability needed for a convenience-focused device that requires regular updates. The Bosch IoT Gateway Software manages and connects the devices, while the Bosch IoT Remote Manager securely controls the software deployment remotely from the cloud.

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