Hioki clamp tester is perfect for tight spaces

Hioki has released its new Bluetooth clamp tester with slim jaws that can be deployed in tight spaces.

The CM4376 TRMS clamp tester measures AC, DC and AC+DC current to 1,000A, voltage to 1,500V DC, and 1,000V AC with Cat IV (600V) and Cat III (1,000V) ratings. Other parameters include frequency to 1,000Hz, capacitance to 1,000 microfarad, resistance to 600k-ohm and temperature (-40 to 400ºC).

The clamp meter features a safe design that can withstand a transient overvoltage of 8kV. The CM4376 can simultaneously measure inrush current in RMS as well as maximum crest values at motor start-up and for welding currents.

Saved data can be sent via email or easily shared on iCloud or Dropbox and waveforms can be displayed on your device.

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