Hills strengthens AV portfolio with three new vendors

Hills has announced that it has broadened its AV product offering by signing three new vendors for supply of their products exclusively across Australia and New Zealand. The three new vendors are UK-based technology partners XTA Electronics and MC2 Audio, Application Solutions (ASL) and Xilica Audio Design.

The XTA and MC2 products round out Hills’ offering in the stadium and performance market, while ASL will provide a total emergency paging and voice alarm system in combination with Community Professional Loudspeakers’ mass notification speakers. This will integrate with Hills’ fire and security business, creating opportunities in the transport infrastructure road tunnel market.

The introduction of Xilica, which provides provides configurable digital signal processing (DSP) systems, networked audio processors and advanced remote-control devices, will create opportunities across key vertical markets. These include health, education, corporate and government, where audio, video or public address announcements need to be targeted to specific areas or rooms.

“Bringing these brands into Hills ensures we continue as one of the largest value-add distributors of technology across Australia and New Zealand targeting the company’s key markets, which include transport infrastructure, entertainment, education and health,” says Hills chief executive and managing director David Lenz.

“These vendor wins enhance Hills ability to provide customers with industry-leading solutions and demonstrates the company’s capacity as a one-stop-shop for building technology solutions.”

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