Hikvision joins the HDBaseT Alliance

Hikvision announced today that that it has joined the HDBaseT Alliance as an Adopter member.

HDBaseT technology, powered by Valens, enables all-in-one connectivity between HD video sources and remote displays through a single cable for up to 100m with category cable or kilometres with fibre. This includes the transmission of Ultra HD video and audio, Ethernet, USB, control signals and up to 100W of power.

“HDBaseT expands the technological possibilities we can offer our customers, allowing for more bandwidth and longer distances without compromising on quality and performance. We are happy to join the HDBaseT Alliance and contribute the Hikvision technology to this important environment,” said Hikvision general manager of display and transmission Qian Xuefeng.

The HDBaseT Alliance was established in 2010 by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens to promote and standardise HDBaseT for the transmission of ultra-high-division multimedia content.

“We are happy to welcome Hikvision to the HDBaseT Alliance. Our goal is to bring the leading companies in the field to help us enrich even further the ecosystem we have built. Hikvision’s HDBaseT products will provide customers with an optimised solution for the transmission of ultra-high definition content,” said HDBaseT Alliance president Ariel Sobelman.

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