HEOS introduces HEOS Bar and HEOS Subwoofer

HEOS introduces HEOS Bar and HEOS SubwooferHEOS, which is distributed in Australia by QualiFi, has introduced two new designs, the HEOS Bar and the HEOS Subwoofer, which offer thrilling home cinema and sensational music playback, as well as an innovative feature set.

The HEOS Bar is a complete music-streaming solution, featuring state of the art signal processing, amplification and drivers. It’s able to integrate into a HEOS multi-room system and has a three-channel design that is suitable for screens over 50”. It is able to be used on a shelf or wall-mounted and employs nine high-performance drivers in a 45° configuration to spread sound around the room.

It has HEOS music streaming built-in, which enables the HEOS Bar to play music from the user’s own library, as well as direct from a phone via Bluetooth, via streaming services including Spotify and Tidal or even Internet radio.

The same Denon DSP technology used in Denon’s award-winning AVRs is also included in the soundbar to create impressive virtual surround sound. This processing decodes surround sound audio and uses processing algorithms to give the impression of 5.1 channel audio without surround speakers being installed.

The HEOS Bar can be integrated with a pair of HEOS speakers or the equally wire-free HEOS Subwoofer. It features four 4K-compatible HDMI 2.0a inputs that make it suitable for use with multi-source UltraHD AV systems, while Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio processing means it will sound as good as those 4K pictures look.

All this is achieved while still retaining simple set-up and operation, including the bar’s ability to learn commands from the TV remote and the intuitive HEOS App for full system control.

Meanwhile, the new HEOS Subwoofer has been designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire HEOS range, from wireless speakers to the new AV products and the HEOS Amp/HEOS Link. It wirelessly adds powerful, deep bass to any set-up and is beautifully crafted with a stylish matte black finish in a slimline package that can be used vertically or horizontally.

Advanced digital signal processing optimises the sound for each HEOS configuration and there are also detailed settings available for more confident users, accessed through the HEOS app. System integration features in the app provide a factory-optimised option for each configuration, as well as advanced settings for users that want more control in their listening environment.

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