HDBaseT over IP solution expands the HDBaseT world

The HDBaseT Alliance, which is the cross-industry group tasked with promoting and advancing the HDBase T Standard, today announced the development of an extension to said Standard. This expansion will support an HDBaseT over IP specification and address the evolving needs of the AV sector.

Expanding on the current capabilities of the existing HDBaseT solutions, the HDBaseT over IP connects traditional ProAV and IP worlds while leveraging existing installations. It also features ProAV-grade robustness and quality of service for unicast and multicast sessions, and is compliant with HDCP.

Bringing the availability of a standardised solution over Ethernet PHY and promoting 5Play interoperability among different vendors, the expansion increases versatility to integrate different products. This introduction of HDBaseT over Ethernet PHY represents a key element in accomplishing the Alliance’s goal of providing a holistic approach to all use cases and market sectors, simplifying the transmission of high-throughput content over any medium.

“HDBaseT over IP brings unprecedented modularity and breadth of scope to the existing HDBaseT solutions available today,” said HDBaseT Alliance chair of the marketing committee Micha Risling.

“Whether over a 10G, 5G, 2.5G or even 1G Ethernet PHY, HDBaseT over IP expands the realm of possibilities for AV professionals. It allows our customers combining traditional HDBaseT installations with HDBaseT over IP deployment networking the in-room to the cross-campus, with increased ease and flexibility.”

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