HARMAN Professional Solutions expands JBL all-weather speaker series

HARMAN Professional Solutions Expands JBL All Weather Speaker SeriesHARMAN Professional Solutions has announced the latest addition to its line-up of JBL AW and AWC Series speakers, which are distributed in Australia and NZ by Jands.

The JBL AWC62 all-weather two-way coaxial loudspeaker features an ultra-compact and weather resistant design that makes it ideal for spot-fill applications at stadiums, racetracks, fairgrounds, water parks and other outdoor venues.

“Sports and entertainment venues worldwide rely on JBL AW and AWC Series speakers for their exceptional sound quality and proven durability in adverse weather conditions,” said HARMAN Professional Solutions senior manager for commercial loudspeakers Rick Kamlet.

“We’re excited to extend the AW and AWC Series family with the AWC62, our most compact all-weather speaker.”

The AWC62 provides consistent 110° coverage for venues where larger speakers obstruct important views of game play or entertainment, with high output in a cabinet that measures only 10.2” x 10.2” x 10.1”. It features a coaxial 6.5” low frequency driver and 1” high-frequency compression drive to eliminate the high-frequency beaming common among speakers in this class. It also extends pattern control to lower frequencies and delivers pristine sound quality with a broad frequency range of 70Hz-18Hz.

Rated to deliver wide bandwidth, intelligible sound in even the harshest environments, the AWC62 is reliable for long-term outdoor use, with a fibreglass reinforced ABS cabinet and highly treated grille offering protection from dust, wind and heavy rain. The enclosure is heavily braced for low-frequency performance and features a Kevlar-reinforced low-frequency cone and a high-temperature voice coil for smooth frequency response.

The AWC62 speaker offers 175watt power handling and comes equipped with a 120W 70V/100V multi-tap transformer. The loudspeaker is also shipped with a heavy-duty, weather-capable U-type mounting bracket for easy installation.

The AWC62 loudspeakers are available in light grey or black.

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