Grimani Systems announces new Delta loudspeaker

Grimani Systems announces new Delta loudspeakerGrimani Systems has announced the availability of its new Delta speaker, designed for use in smaller rooms between 18.5m2 and 37m2.

The Delta speaker is named for its shape, which was designed to optimise cabinet volume, depth and amplifier hardware.

Featuring the same design philosophy and quality of all Grimani Systems’ products, it showcases the conic section array (CSA) waveguide for constant wide dispersion and sound staging throughout the range of frequencies. This ensures that every listener is immersed in the same soundfield.

The Delta speaker incorporates all the amplification, precise digital crossover and flexible room correction equalisation features to make it easy to install and configure. It’s 14cm and is designed to be concealed behind an acoustically-transparent screen or stretched fabric room decor.

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