Graphical Menu

Select your preferred menu style for your ayControl profile. There are two options available:

  • The list menu (fig. 1) is simple and clear. With this menu style you have a good overview of all rooms in your profile.
  • The graphical menu (fig. 2) allows you to create aesthetically pleasing designs by selecting custom graphics.


1. List menu

2. Graphical menu


To change the menu style, open the app settings (⚙), then go to “Look & Feel”. Toggle the option “Use graphical menu” to determine whether the graphical menu or the list menu is used.

If your profile was originally configured with the list menu style, it does not contain images for the menu items in the graphical menu. However, you can easily configure these images yourself; you can find more information in the entry Personalize ayControl.

All current (2015) upgrade packages support the graphical menu. If you use an older package, you can purchase an upgrade in order to unlock this function. Please contact the ayControl support.

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