Gerard Lighting launches Diginet Sitara



Gerard Lighting has announced the launch of Diginet Sitara – a smarter and affordable lighting control for the Australian home.

With the Diginet Sitara Lighting Control, the ability to personalise the way the user controls their lighting with their Bluetooth powered smart phone or tablet is simpler and easier.

The home owner can now set different lighting levels in any room they want and can turn on or off their lights before even getting home. They’re also able to control all lights connected to the Diginet Sitara system with a varied range of fixed ad movable wireless wall switches.

The new control unit also makes the home more secure and more welcoming by being able to turn on lights at the user’s discretion.

For the sparky, it takes limited effort to give customers the multi-way lighting controls as they’re easy to install in both new builds and retrofit installations. Sitara also uses patented and Australian-designed MultiMate technology that enables lighting controls to use standard 240V wiring and installation practises.

Lastly, when connected in parallel, LEDSmart+ dimmers and switches allow dimming and switching of connected lighting loads from many locations without the need for additional wiring.

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