Genelec to showcase The Ones at High End Munich

Genelec to showcase The Ones at High End MunichGenelec has announced The Ones family of compact three-way coaxial loudspeakers will be making their European trade show debut at High End Munich.

Comprising three models – 8351, 8331 and 8341 – The Ones feature ultimate point source design that uses concealed dual woofers and the Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) driver to overcome the off-axis colouration associated with traditional loudspeaker designs.

While the 8331 and 8341 echo the design of the 8351 in form and function, including a frequency response extending beyond 40kHz, both have been re-engineered to meet the challenges of their ultra-compact dimensions.

The short-term maximum output capacities for each of the models is 104dB SPL for the 8331 (at 1m), and 110dB SPL for the 8341 (at 1m), with accuracy better than ±1.5dB, and respective frequency responses starting at 45Hz and 38Hz (-6dB) and extending beyond 40kHz both for the analogue and digital inputs.

Each model can be orientated horizontally or vertically using an adjustable IsoPod base for vibration isolation, offering maximum flexibility to fit all interior requirements. They feature Smart Active Monitoring (SAM), Genelec technology based on Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software for PC and Mac, as well as AutoCal. These make it simple to create the optimal loudspeaker set-up in any type of space by automatically compensating for any detrimental room influences and creating the optimum listening environment.

Following a successful VIP launch at Metropolis Studios in London, The Ones will be taking centre stage at the Genelec booth at High End Munich, where visitors will also be able to see and hear the company’s full home audio range. This includes the G Series loudspeakers and F Series subwoofers.

“The Ones have had a phenomenal reception since their launch earlier this month and High End provides the perfect opportunity for the wider audio community to appreciate these ground-breaking new loudspeakers. The number of big ideas contained within these small loudspeakers is truly remarkable, but no list of features can ever match up to the experience of simply listening to them,” says Genelec managing director Siamak Naghian.

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