Gefen is now shipping its new USB 2.0 SR Extender

gefen USB 2.0

Gefen, distributed by Amber Technology, has announced that it is now shipping its new USB 2.0 SR Extender over one Cat5. The EXT-USB2.0-SR joins its sibling, the EXT-USB2.0-LR.

It extends USB 2.0 up to a distance of 50m over a single Cat5 or better cable, facilitating the remote placement and control of high-speed USB-enabled devices such as computers and interactive digital signage.

“Since the company’s inception, Gefen’s USB extension products have been some of our most popular and widely-applied solutions,” says Gefen product manager Jason Fitzgerald.

“The new Gefen USB 2.0 SR extender adds to this prestigious line-up by giving users a lower cost option for extending USB 2.0, at a shorter range of 50m and with a single USB port instead of the two ports offered on the EXT-USB2.0-LR.

“This affordable addition to our USB Extender line opens the market to new customers who are looking for the reliability of a Gefen USB extender but do not need the enhanced features offered by the long-range model.”

The EXT-USB2.0-SR supports USB 2.0 and 1.1 and speeds up to 480Mbps. It is compatible with a wide variety of USB devices, ranging from HID to audio devices and web cameras. A single USB Type A output is provided on the receiver, which can also be connected to a powered USB hub if needed.

The extender’s input features a single USB Type B input for connection to a computer or another USB host device. Power supplies for both Sender and Receiver units and a USB cable are included.

The compact Sender and Receiver units feature sturdy metal enclosures for better performance and enhanced immunity to interference – they can be installed in minutes and can be hidden away.

“This extender is ideal for remotely accessing laser printers, scanners, external hard drives, CD and DVD burners, flash drives, and standard resolution cameras. It is fully compatible with USB 2.0 – essential for high-performance applications such as digital imaging and interactive gaming,” Jason says.

“Applications such as remote desktop (keyboard and mouse) extension, security, industrial control, digital signage control, and scientific data acquisition are all made possible thanks to EXT-USB2.0-SR’s universal implementation of USB standards.”

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