Gefen announces new AV over IP products

gefenElectronics hardware manufacturer Gefen has announced four new products as part of its new AV over IP product line.

Gefen’s EXT-UHD-LANS-TX, EXT-UHD-LANS-RX, EXT-UHDKA-LANS-TX and EXT-UHDKA-LANS-RX products form part of the new Gen 2.0 line, which was announced earlier this year.

“Our new Gen 2.0 AV over IP products address the ever-growing application-specific needs of systems integrators” Gefen product manager Jason Fitzgerald says.

“From 4K Ultra HD with HDR support, built-in scalers, and video-wall control, to independent USB, RS-232, audio routing and backward-compatibility with our first generation products, these new solutions offer an expanded array of important new features, performance and functionality.”

The new EXT-UHDKA-LANS-TX (sender) and EXT-UHDKA-LANS-RX (receiver) solutions aim to enhance AV extension and management for workstation environments where video and USB connectivity is required.

In addition to basic KVM functionality, the new KM Emulation feature facilitates real-time simultaneous Keyboard and Mouse control of each source from all connected workstations. The receivers feature a built-in scaler to help optimise the image for a variety of displays and different viewing environments.

The EXT-UHDKA-LANS-RX’s integrated USB hub with two USB 2.0 and two USB 1.1 ports accommodates touch panels, keyboard and mouse and a variety of supported devices. A built in 2-port Gigabit switch on each Receiver allows the daisy-chaining of additional Receivers or other IP-enabled devices. In applications, such as digital signage, where content is often replicated on multiple displays throughout the installation, the ability to cascade the receivers removes the requirement for each cable to be run directly to the main network switch.

Gefen’s new products are capable of 4K 60 Hz 4:2:0 maximum input resolution, and maximum output resolution of 4K 30 Hz 4:4:4. When used with Gefen DVI-to-HDMI cables, they support the use of single-link DVI sources and displays up to 1080p Full HD and 1920×1200 (WUXGA).

Each cable run from a Sender to a Receiver or from a Sender or Receiver to the network switch and can be up to 100m. The Sender and Receiver can be used as extenders in a one-to-one system, or as nodes in a virtual matrix environment where any source can be routed to any or all displays, supporting up to 39,900 Senders and a combination of just over 65,000 Senders and Receivers.

Gefen products are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.

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