Gearhouse launch new Shure Axient Digital Radio Microphone Platform

Axient Digital Radio Microphone Platform

Gearhouse has launched the new Shure Axient Digital Radio Microphone Platform.

The system aims to give sporting bodies, production companies and large venues powerful RF performance within Australia. Most notably, the AFL has already started using the system for some of its games across the country.

“Shure and its Australian dealer Jands approached us to discuss how the company could further assist our already rapid growth in Australia. It began with us signing an exclusive R&D partnership which gives us direct access to Shure’s product road map and input on future feature sets and product design. At that point, having seen the success of our SportsCom custom intercom solution in the market, Shure also offered Gearhouse Event Comms the opportunity to become the world’s first user of its incredible Axient Digital Radio Microphone Platform,” says Gearhouse manager of event communications Jason Owen.

Both of Shure’s AD series and ADX series transmitters are compatible with a shared Axient Digital receiver platform. It also includes a micro-bodypack and provides sound for a wide range of applications and settings.

“Axient digital is perfect for sporting bodies, large venues and production companies so we immediately approached the AFL and suggested they use the system at all remaining games this year. I have long been a fan of Shure kit in the live production space, however when I saw and heard Axient Digital I knew it was a gamechanger,” says Jason.

“It really stands head and shoulders above other systems for many reasons. Its outstanding RF performance in even the most complex, crowded environments ensures maximum stability and improved range even in high noise-floor venues. There’s also dual and quad receiver options that open the gateway to the full range of features, from high-performance RF and transparent digital audio to software control. It really is without question the best performing and most advanced system on the market today.”

The Axient Digital system has been engineered specifically for the Australian market which is heavily sporting focused. Gearhouse provided the custom communications solutions, Shure the strategic technology and Jands the product support to get the final product.

“Put simply the reason the AFL wanted our Axient Digital solution is that it is a smarter RF management solution for radio microphones and significantly improves the RF and audio performance in comparison to any other product on the market,” says Jason.

“Axient Digital also works efficiently and reliably at much lower RF levels than any other system I have ever seen. This means more reliable coverage for the product and its true diversity, quadveristy and high-density mode means more channels can operate in one space than ever before.

“I have taken multiple calls from sporting bodies who want access to SportsCom as it will provide better coverage over a larger area than conventional systems, which in turn means a far lower cost of ownership for them. It’s also appealing due to its more efficient use of the spectrum which means fewer dropouts and higher channel density.

“Production companies and large venues are also very keen to use it as it’s clear that both AD and ADX will become the world standard for touring acts simply because of the RF performance and audio quality. When you add in ADX’s bi-directional capability, Axient Digital stands alone in the market in terms of flexibility and interference-free RF.”

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