Gear up with the latest products from AV Gear

AV Gear, the house brand of distribution outfit Avation, has introduced its latest range of products including a matrix, extender, PDU and DAC. These new offerings reflect the market’s desire for HDMI by integrating HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT 2.0. These, in turn, make 4K-level content easier to distribute.

The AVG-MXA88 8×8 HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher is a professional switcher that can transmit 4K video to distances of up to 40m and 1080p for up to 70m over just a single CatX Ethernet cable.

It doesn’t hold back on the audio either, featuring breakaway audio and Toslink for all zones. The volume is controllable on the analogue for each zone.

Next up, AV Gear has introduced the AVG-MXA44 KIT, a 4×4 HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT Matrix Kit. A four receiver matrix switcher features everything the AVG-MXA88 does in terms of audio and video quality with half the input and outputs, giving users the freedom to purchase what their setup requires.

The AVG-HD350A SET is an 18G HDMI Extender 4K with Audio Breakout set with an included transmitter and receiver. The HDMI signal is input into the transmitter which allows HDBaseT technology to transmit high-resolution (1080p/ 4K HDR) signals up to 70m or 40m.

An essential to any custom build, the AVG-IP410 Power Distribution Unit is a new generation of PDU that includes some nifty including a built-in web server for management.

This lets the user set up scheduled auto reboots for each individual power outlet. You can also automatically reboot a router if the internet connection goes down.

On top of that, the embedded web server and HTTPS lets the PDU boast a higher grade of security. Users can control their circuits through a Windows web browser or Android/ iOS systems.

And finally, the AVG-DAC (digital audio converter) is back and better than ever. Designed to convert coaxial or Toslink digital audio input into analogue L/R and 3.5mm audio output, the DAC simultaneously provides COAX SPDIF output for digital audio extension.

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