From Shanghai to Beijing – KNX Roadshow China’s 2nd stop

The KNX Training Workshop, hosted by ABB concluded the stop in Shanghai. 50 participants learned eagerly about the simplicity of the ETS and the unlimited opportunities KNX offers. Especially the life-demonstration of the ETS and the programming of devices created a big excitement amongst the participants. Due to the high interest in the technical aspects of KNX, the duration of the workshop was exceeded by more than an hour.

The sad feelings about leaving Shanghai was quickly compensated by the next successful event in the capital city of China – Beijing. The first event of the 2nd stop welcomed many officials from governmental as well as other educational and trade officials. The presentations by national and international KNX members made the participants understand more the importance of building automation. Especially the KNX city raised again the main interest, since the problems of urbanisation are very visible in those mega-cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The combined solution which takes the building, mobility, renewable energies and the smart grid, has been understood to be the solution and first discussions about implementing have been successfully held.

Next event of the KNX Roadshow China will be the KNX Training Workshop, hosted by KNX China. Stay tuned.