Forté Electronics upgrades A-BUS with Dynamic Efficiency

SONY DSCA-BUS – the Australian multi-room audio platform developed by Andrew Goldfinch many years ago – has recently been upgraded to include new Dynamic Efficiency (DE) amplifier technology.

Included to increase the power output of the A-BUS technology, DE reportedly delivers a 47% increase in the capabilities of manufacturer Forté’s product range.

The new Forté range featuring DE technology is available in two models – the AB-44 for single source applications (pictured) and the AB-46 for multi-source control.

A-BUS products are well known for their ease of installation, which can be completed by “anyone capable of terminating a Cat 5 cable.”

A-BUS have proved to be a popular choice in Smart Wiring installations, where Cat 5 is common, as it provides builders with solutions that are easy-to-install and space efficient, with bullet proof reliability and minimal technical support required.

It’s also well liked for its local input capability, particularly in providing good sound for TVs with auto switching whenever the TV is turned on.

For many, the primary limitation with A-BUS is the amount of power the system can deliver from current available in a Cat 5 cable.

Inventor Andrew Goldfinch has always rejected this notion, but says the addition of DE technology will do a lot to abate these concerns.

“In normal amplification, distortion rises as the output increases. This distortion consumes valuable current at a time when it is most needed, limiting peak power output. DE technology reduces the amplifier distortion by 90%.

“Most importantly, it does so at peak power, so a lot more musical power can be delivered, greatly improving dynamics and stereo image. While this may not be as noticeable when the audio signal has been degraded by a long run of cheap 16/4 speaker cable, the high quality audio signal delivered by Cat 5 to the A-BUS amplifier results in true audiophile quality sound.”

Andrew points out that the DE format can in fact deliver a lot more power than the single Cat 5 can supply. As a result, the team at Forté has incorporated an additional RJ-45 socket on the back of the keypad to allow a second Cat 5 to be connected from the hub, actually doubling the amplifier’s power output.

Further, the second cable can be connected to any A-BUS output; Forté multi-source hubs already include two A-BUS outputs per zone.

The new DE keypads can be installed to upgrade any existing A-BUS  regardless of age and brand.

Forté is distributed in Australia by QualiFi.

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