Final Link takes on Datasat and BGW amplifiers

Datasat Cinema and BGW Cinema Amplifiers have appointed Final Link Audio as their Australian and New Zealand distributors.

Datasat Cinema and BGW products have been installed in some of the world’s top theatre, recording and movie studios.

The new Datasat AP25 Processor combines years of innovation and experience to deliver a precise reproduction of digital and analogue sources. It offers 16 channels of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, delivering an impressive total of 85 input options and 34 output options, almost double its nearest competitors.

As one of the few audio processors capable of 3D audio, the AP25 uses Dirac Live room optimization technology for the cinema industry including true working mixed-phase correction. It also includes advanced tools to correct issues in both the time and frequency domains including magnitude response correction, early reflection reduction and bass management.

BGW Amplifiers has a range from two-channel all the way to 16-channels in one chassis; its full balanced differential design produces unmatched SN ratio, speed, dynamics, control and low noise.

BGW products and the AP25 have been installed locally in universities, government departments, recording studios, cinema applications and some high-end home cinemas.

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