Extron ShareLink Pro 1100 will support Miracast

Extron has released the ShareLink Pro 1100, a 4K wired and wireless presentation system that lets anyone present content from computer, tablets or smartphones on a display for easy collaboration.

Additionally, Extron will soon release support for Windows 10 sharing through Miracast with an additional router. Miracast lets users quickly and easily share content without the need to download software.

The ShareLink Pro can support up to four simultaneous devices including a HDMI-connected device and automatically updates the display layout as new content is shared or removed. It also supports any wired source.

Through wireless and wired sources, the solution outputs video resolutions up to 4K and can work in a wide range of environments.

When used alongside the Extron GVE – GlobalViewer Enterprise software, multiple units can be managed across an enterprise or campus if need be. ShareLink Pro systems provide easy integration of AV and mobile devices into meeting, huddle, collaboration and presentation spaces.

“We’re always looking for ways to add flexibility and make interacting with technology easier, faster, and more intuitive,” Extron vice president of sales and marketing Casey Hall says.

“Our new ShareLink Pro 1100 has all the power and ease you’ve come to expect from our ShareLink Pro systems and will soon offer the support for Miracast sharing Windows 10 users have been asking for, making it even easier to quickly share content and start collaborating.”

It can full-screen mirror from a number of devices including Mac and Windows computers as well as Android and Apple tablets and smartphones. Displaying the entire screen makes for a more fluid and easier collaborations sessions.

To improve enterprise wide deployments, it includes a fully-customisable welcome screen with multiple configuration options to assist users in quickly connecting their devices and sharing content.

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