Extron now shipping EBP 1200C Cable Cubby Enclosure

Extron now shipping EBP 1200C Cable Cubby EnclosureExtron Electronics has announced the immediate availability of the EBP 1200C Cable Cubby Enclosure with eBUS button panel integrated into the lid of the enclosure.

The new button panel combines intuitive AV control, connectivity and power, and features ten customisable, soft-touch buttons that are backlit for easy operation in low-light environments. The cable access enclosure supports up to three single-space AAPs and up to three Extron Retractors, enabling integrators to deploy contemporary, furniture-mountable eBus button panels.

“We have over two dozen unique eBUS button panels and are very excited to now add our first Cable Cubby model to the family,” says Extron vice president of worldwide sales and marketing Casey Hall.

The control panel is easy to use and works with all eBUS-enabled control systems. It connects to an IPCP Pro control processor to perform a wide variety of AV system functions, such as display on/off, input switching and volume control.

Extron’s integration-friendly eBUS technology is based on a digital bus architecture that allows for easy control system expansion, greater design options and future upgrades. As with the TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels are designed for use with any Extron IPCP Pro Series control processor and a single eBUS button panel can be used as the AV control interface for a smaller system or multiple button panels. Touch panels may also be combined when a more elaborate control system is required.

“The EBP 1200C is the perfect choice for customers who are looking for a discreet, hideaway control system that also offers convenient AV data and power connections,” says Casey.

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