Extron introduces USB Matrix Switching Controller

Extron Electronics has introduced an addition to the USB Extender Plus family, the USB Plus Matrix Controller.

Using up to 64 USB Extender Plus Series transmitters and receivers, the USB Plus Matrix Controller provides a simple management interface to create USB switching systems for any size room. Any AV control processor can control USB switching using SIS commands sent via Ethernet or RS-232 and the system can be configured quickly and easily using Extron’s Product Configuration Software – PCS.

The transmitter includes USB peripheral emulation that enables trouble-free booting of a host computer that is not connected to a keyboard or mouse, while the receiver features a built-in, active four-port hub.

The USB Plus Matrix Controller extends and switches USB signals from peripheral devices to a host computer up to 600m through a Gigabit Ethernet network or up to 100m point-to-point over one CATx cable.

“We are excited to add matrix switching capabilities to our USB Extender Plus Series. With the introduction of our USB Plus Matrix Controller, there are now more ways than ever to extend and switch USB signals,” says Extron Electronics vice president of sales and marketing Casey Hall.

The USB Extender Plus Series supports USB peripherals such as keyboards, mice, mass storage devices and webcams in pro AV environments. It supports USB 2.0/1.0 devices with data rates up to 480Mbps and is compatible with USB 3.0 devices that can operate at USB 2.0 data rates.

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