Extron introduces 4K DTP transmitters

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Extron Electronics has introduced four compact DTP T EU 4K and DTP T MK 4K transmitters designed to fit in standard one-gang EU-type and MK-type electrical junction boxes.

The transmitters send HDMI signals up to 70 metres or 100 metres over a shielded CATx cable, depending on the model. Both models support video signals at resolutions up to 4K. They feature HDCP 2.2 compliance, compatibility with HDBaseT-enabled devices, and a front panel LED indicator for power and signal presence designed for DTP Systems, the DTP T EU 4K and DTP T MK 4K can be remotely powered by Extron DTP CrossPoint matrix switchers or other DTP-enabled products.

The one-gang design provides maximum space efficiency and the convenience of placing input connections precisely where needed.

“With the one-gang DTP T EU 4K and DTP T MK 4K transmitters, AV system designers have greater flexibility in their DTP System designs,” says Europe for Extron vice president of marketing Rainer Stiehl.

“These compact transmitters are easily installed in standard junction boxes and offer simplified connectivity from portable lecterns, boardroom tables, and wall locations.”

The DTP T EU 4K and DTP T MK 4K transmitters support 12-bit Deep Color and embedded HD lossless audio formats. They also maintain DDC communication of EDID and HDCP between a source and display for reliable operation.

To streamline installation, the transmitters can be remotely powered over the same twisted pair cable used to transmit the video. The DTP T EU 4K and DTP T MK 4K also offer a selectable HDBaseT output mode that is compatible with any HDBaseT-enabled display.

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