ETS Inside now available inside Linux

KNX National Group Australia has announced that ETS Inside, programming software that opens up a world of home and building control to more potential users, is now available for Linux.

By being available on Linux, ETS Inside has extended its reach of smart homes and buildings and allows commissioning and programming of a whole KNX installer at the tip of a finger.

Project commissioning was further made available with tablets and phones running on iOS, Android and Windows which lets end-users turn their home into a smart home at any time.

By moving, ETS Inside’s interface is easy-to-understand and lowers the barriers for anyone wishing to benefit from KNX’s interoperability with other manufacturers and applications. People wanting a smart home and building have the ability to put a real KNX installation into action in a home, shop or office.

Additionally, support for KNX Secure using the worldwide encryption standard AES 128, the ETS Inside comes with the highest security features in control. KNX IP Secure ensures communication across IP is encrypted and authenticated.

Linux being an open-source operating system, developers now don’t have to switch computers and continue working on ETS Inside on their originally installed system.

“Ubuntu, Redhat, Suse, CentOS etcetera, Linux comes in various forms and offers various benefits. One of the most important attributes of Linux is that it is available free of charge. This does not only save money, it also helps the further distribution of KNX worldwide,” KNX president Franz Kammerl says.

“Being now available also for further platforms, such as Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers (SBCs), the hardware input for realising a KNX project with the ETS Inside has been considerably lowered.”

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