EPV’s PolarStar eFinity screen is now available in Australia


Projection screen manufacturer Elite Prime Vision (EPV) has announced the PolarStar eFinity is now available in Australia.

EPV has been working on enhancing features of the screens and making it available in more sizes in time for the Australian launch.

The most notable improvement was increasing colour fidelity, black level performance and flat spectral to achieve ISF certification.

There is now a sturdier and more aesthetic 6mm removable edge bezel which includes a wrap-around, RF remote controlled, multi-colored LED kit.

Other enhancements include a redesign which makes connecting material faster and easier to attach.  The material rejects up to 85% of ambient room light and is polarised for optimum 3D rendition.

It is an angular-reflective PVC (tensioned) multi-layer screen material with a reflective brightness level of 1.3 gain and a 70º wide viewing angle.

In addition to maintaining exceptional picture brightness and clarity in dark or illuminated rooms, the material is polarised for active or passive 3D presentations while maintaining 92% polarisation levels.  The material is compatible with high definition video modes such as 4K, 1080p, 720pt, WXGA and XGA formats.

The eFinity PolarStar is available in 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios with sizes available from 84” to 200” and with a 235” screen coming soon.

The PolarStar-eFinity can provide a high quality solution in bright or low-light environments.

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