Elite Screens release the Saker Tab-Tension CLR 2

Elite Screens has released its latest electric projection screen, the Saker Tab-Tension CLR 2. Featuring an ambient light rejecting material, the latest offering can be used as an ultra-short throw (UST), short throw or long throw projector.

The Saker Tab-Tension CLR 2 also uses an ISF-certified projection material that rejects washout effects from interior lighting for a full array of projectors.

“This ambient light rejecting material has earned the designation of Ceiling Light Rejecting or ‘CLR’ due to its ability to reject high levels of overhead light in addition to other forms of off-axis lighting,” EliteProAV marketing director David Rodgers says.

“What really makes it special is that the material can accommodate all types of standard long-throw, short throw and UST projectors. The fact that the material is tough enough to roll down/up without suffering degradation like other materials may do.”

While many manufacturers have an ALR projection screen, this Elite Screens offering distinguishes itself with the ability to roll-up into its casing when not in use and will work with all kinds of projectors.

The StarBright CLR 2 Ceiling Light Rejecting material absorbs up to 65% of overhead lighting and maintains 50-times its contrast enhancement over standard matte white screen materials under normal room lighting conditions. By using its multi-layer optical micro-structures, it can filter out ambient light for superior picture quality.

Its 4K/8K Ultra-HD-ready, smooth and non-textured surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and features black masking borders which format the image to ensure there is no projector overshoot. A black backing eliminates light penetration for an enhanced picture brightness and richer colours.

Coming fully-assembled with a standard three-pronged power connection ensures the electric screen can hang from a ceiling or flush with a wall. Floating brackets included allow wood stud installation and will slide horizontally to be properly centred every time.

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