Elite Screens introduces Aeon Series EDGE FREE projection screen

61tN6JlNkNL._SL1000_Elite Screens Australia has recently introduced the Aeon Series into the local market. The Aeon Series is a fixed frame projection screen that uses Elite’s EDGE FREE technology.

The EDGE FREE design means that there is no external framework (edge) as seen in traditional fixed frame screens allowing it to resemble a large flat panel TV display. This is achieved by having the material wrap around the frame which also tensions the screen.

Once fully assembled you get a clean and seamless visual finish which adds another element to the interior décor of a home theatre or conference room.

If a cropped image is desired, a 1.2cm ultra-thin velvet tape is included to frame the projected image.

Elite currently offers the Aeon in their versatile CineWhite material. The 1.1 gain CineWhite material is Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready. Later this year Elite also intends to bring in the Aeon with CineGrey3D, which is an (ALR) ambient light rejecting material.

Optional features include an LED back-lighting kit with remote control or a splice bracket kit that will connect multiple frames to create a large size display.

Elite only has a few models available to test out the demand in the Australian market. For availability information, email info@elitescreens.com.au

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