ELB appointed Nureva distributor

NurevaNureva has appointed ELB, formerly known as Electroboard, as its authorised distributor in Australia.

Nureva is best known for its Span visual collaboration system and the HDL300 audio conferencing system.

“We are very pleased to be authorised to sell Nureva’s business and education products,” said ELB distribution manager Aldo Alibrandi.

“Nureva’s products align well with the emerging needs that we have seen in many of our customers, and we’re confident that they will help our customers transform their innovation and collaborative processes.”

The Nureva Span visual collaboration system transforms a user’s walls into expansive, 40′ by 4′ (12.19m by 1.22m) digital workspaces. The system combines a panoramic projector with intuitive software and apps to create a cloud-based canvas that projects a 3.10m, 6.15m or 9.19m-wide image onto a wall that is simultaneously accessible from personal devices.
Users can create, share and edit ideas and information by working directly on the wall or on their own devices via the Span app. All changes made on the wall or from a device are instantly visible to all users. For professionals, the system replaces the sticky-note wall, enabling real-time ideation, design, planning and other activities by teams who need to be immersed in visual data.

For students, the system fosters active collaboration through the process of creating, sharing and organising ideas to create deeper understanding. In any setting, the system’s flexible components enable users to create a variety of panoramic, surround or mobile configurations.

The Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system provides a natural listening experience for people that call into meetings where participants are actively collaborating and working at different locations in the room. The system uses Nureva’s patent-pending Microphone Mist technology to place 8,192 virtual microphones throughout the meeting room to pick up sound from any location. Enabled by real-time hardware, the system uses sophisticated algorithms to simultaneously process sound from all the virtual microphones to provide remote participants with a natural listening experience. All participants can be heard clearly regardless of where they are in the room, the direction they are facing or the volume of their voice. The HDL300 system is compatible with common conferencing software products and is optimized for small to medium sized meeting spaces.

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