ELB announces electronic whiteboard series N-20 and M-18 ready for shipping

ELB announces electronic whiteboard series N-20 and M-18 ready for shippingELB, the sole distributor of PLUS Copyboards in Australia, has announced the electronic whiteboard series N-20 (pictured) and M-18 are now ready for shipping.

Despite an influx of new interactive whiteboard technology, ELB has stated that classic technology remains prevalent in the industry because of its reliability and the vote of confidence by its users.

The budget-friendly PLUS Copyboards integrate seamlessly with systems in any office environment allowing notes written on the board to be saved as images and accessed conveniently from a USB after the meeting is over.

Additionally, the N-20 series has network connection through an Ethernet cable and is equipped with smart-phone integration using the free PLUS MTG pocket app.

This enables users to perform a scan function of the board from a smart-phone, where an image file can be previewed and saved to the phone’s memory or any other device in the meeting that has the MTG pocket app installed. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android and allows the user to record audio and video during meetings.

The PLUS copyboards are now 40% slimmer and 20% lighter than previous models and are environmentally friendly with low power consumption of 12W in operation and 3W in standby.

“Today’s businesses and organisations reply on simple technology. As a supplier of innovative technology solutions, we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best range of quality and reliable alternatives,” said ELB distribution manager Aldo Alibrandi.

“In Sydney, over 75% of the published tenancy briefs put out to market in the first half of 2016 were for under 1,000m2. Typically these are clients who have non-integrated fit outs and budget conscious.”

The PLUS N-20 and M-18 series are available in widescreen, compact, two or four screens. All models include an inkjet printer, minimum two writing surfaces, magnetic capabilities, wall mount bracket with the additional option of mobile stand, and a 12-month warranty.

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